July 15, 2024

Little Beach, Maui Hawaii – Nude Beach Review

Little Beach, Maui

Tucked behind a rock on the northern side of the famous Big Beach in Maui, Hawaii, is the infamous “unofficial clothing optional” beach called Little Beach.

Known around the world for being a nude beach for the free spirited, Little Beach got its name due to its size – which is small compared to the beach beside it. But also because it is actually relatively small in world standards – just 200 meters long with a short shoreline.

Little Beach – How to Get There

To get to Little Beach, one only needs to find Big Beach in the Makena State Park, which is south of Kihei and Wailea in southern Maui. Once you reach the beach, walk up to the northern side where you will see a 30-foot lava rock. There are no stairs or actual trails but you can half-climb this red-black rock, reach the top, and slowly make your way down to the small and secluded beach.

Little Beach’s Features

The beach is exactly like Big Beach with its fine and golden sand and crystal blue waters heightened by a shallow sandy bottom. The shore break is gentle that makes swimming and snorkeling highly enjoyable. Its location in a secluded cove with lava outcrop borders on both sides make it invisible from the road and Big Beach. If you didn’t know it existed, you probably would never know it was actually there.

There are no toilets here but you can use the portable ones at Big Beach. There is also very little space or none at all for shade since there are no trees on the beach. There are also no lifeguards or any type of service or facility whatsoever – it’s simply an undeveloped piece of cove with a narrow entry that makes it the perfect place to become a nudist beach.

Technically, nudity in Maui’s beaches are illegal, but the law on nudity in Little Beach is hardly enforced. In fact, it is loosely implemented, so there are no worries of landing in jail simply for nude sunbathing at this beach.

For being a “clothing-optional” beach, about 95% of the people who visit here go nude, but if you wish to keep your bikinis on, then you can do so, too.

Little Beach Etiquette

Just like in any other nude beach in the world, gawking is simply not tolerated. Locals and tourists alike visit the area to relax and enjoy nature, so if you plan on visiting the beach, then these should also be at the top of your agenda – not to stare.

Taking pictures is allowed as long as you ask permission before you take any shots.

Since there are no services at the beach whatsoever, it is common sense that you pick up your own trash. Bring your own trash bag with you and leave nothing else but your footprints.

The beach is also unofficially divided into 3 parts: the first part nearest the entryway is usually packed with locals while the middle part of the beach is where heterosexual couples usually hang out, while the northern part of the beach is where gay men are usually sunbathing.

Activities at the Beach

Aside from swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, visitors can also surf or body board when the swell comes in. The waves don’t break often but they mostly do on the right and west swells. The waves break over shallow reef and offer left siders for enthusiastic nude surfers.

Sunset Sundays

During the weekday, the beach is pretty mellow with swimmers and sunbathers who wish to enjoy the beach. But come Sunday, and the cove comes alive with fire dancers, hula hoopers, a drum circle, and dancing around. Hippies, musicians, artists, locals, and tourists enjoy an afternoon of singing, dancing, and drinking, with the drum circle beginning at 3pm and ending at sunset.

It is important to note that the beach, along with Big Beach, are closed in the evenings with the park gates locked at night.

Some Tips:

  • Bring an umbrella for shade.
  • Bring plenty of water or beverages to beat the heat.
  • Bring an extra towel to lie down on.
  • Put on lots of sunscreen.

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