June 6, 2024

Haulover Beach Review – Florida Nude Beach

Haulover Beach review

A nudist beach famous the world over for the past two decades, is Haulover Beach in the south of Miami is a legal nude beach run and operated by the local government. Famous for its blue waters and pristine white sand beaches, it features amenities and services that rival the world’s most touristy public beaches.

Where Is Haulover Beach Located?

Haulover Beach is located in Haulover Park in Miami Beach. It is located between the cities of Miami Beach and Sunny Isles, and serviced by two international airports.

The nude beach area only covers about a quarter of the Haulover Beach, and is marked with signs to distinguish it from the rest of the 40 hectare Haulover Park. Haulover’s total shoreline is 2.4 km, where 0.6km covers the nude beach.

The beach is about 30-45 minutes from the Miami International Airport and the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Its exact address is 10800 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, and nestled between high rise condominiums and high end hotels. The area is undeveloped and offers a unique landscape of natural beauty amidst the urban metropolitan atmosphere.

Important Things to Know About Haulover Nude Beach

It was during the early 1990’s when the area was officially declared as a “clothing optional” beach and signs were put up to distinguish the area from the rest of the family-friendly beach. It is officially recognized and approved by the local government of the Miami-Dade country, so there is no fear of being sanctioned when you decide to go full monty on its soft sands and crystal waters.

What makes the beach stand out from the many nude beaches in the world is its easy accessibility. Since it’s a public beach, there are no entrance fees and just about anyone can visit the area as long as you follow necessary nude beach etiquette.

It is also the only legal clothing-optional beach in Florida.

Amenities and Services

As a public beach, Haulover Beach is complete with amenities and services that make sunbathing and swimming convenient for all. There are licensed lifeguards on duty who patrol the beach from their quirky and artistic booths right on the beach; there are shaded picnic areas; restrooms; outdoor showers; and umbrellas and chairs available for rent. Although the nude part of the beach does not allow any dogs or pets, the main beach features a dog park so basically you can still bring them with you as long as they stay in this area.

For food and beverages, a concession stand is also available.

Other features of the park include a 9-hole golf course and a tennis center – so if you decide to enjoy some recreational activities before or after sunbathing in your birthday suit, then there’s plenty of things to do in the area.

Rules to Live By

Of course, you can’t have a nude beach without the proper guidelines for nude beach etiquette. Bringing your own towel is a must at all areas on the beach. Since there are picnic areas and chairs for rent, having your butt touch these surfaces is certainly not acceptable.

Cameras may be brought but you must never take photographs without asking permission first. If you do take random pictures and the parties involved are not okay with it, it may constitute as harassment and would require law enforcement to intervene.

There are about 1.3 million visitors to Halouver Beach each year, and those who visit the nude area pretty much want to keep to themselves. Striking up conversations is okay but divulging personal information like surnames and occupations are not encouraged. People mostly go to nude beaches for the privacy and freedom and not to meet potential romantic connections.

The beach also has a nude volleyball area and a gay area, and although everyone is welcomed, it is imperative that respect must be shown at all times.

Other Tips:

  • There is ample parking but fees apply.
  • Clothing-optional means you don’t have to go full monty to enjoy the nude area of the beach. You can still wear your bikini but ogling or gawking is definitely not tolerated.
  • Bring lots of drinking water.

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