June 6, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a nude resort and a clothing-optional resort?
A: A nude resort makes it a rule that men and women should be nude when in common areas (except in eating areas), whereas a clothing-optional resort gives you the option to wear (or not wear) whatever you’d like.

Q: What type of person goes to a nude beach?
A: Literally every type of person you could imagine, from every race, religion, skin color, or political belief. There is no one type of person who enjoys being nude!

Q: What are nudist beaches like?
A: What is a “textile,” or “clothed” beach like? A nudist beach is exactly the same way, except that instead of wearing bathing suits, people are nude or topless.

Q: Does being nude mean that a nude beach is a sexually-charged atmosphere?
A: Absolutely not! Nudity does not equal sex, and a nude beach is not a place to enjoy sexual activity… In fact, it’ll get you arrested.

Q: I am overweight and feel insecure about my body. I don’t think I’d feel good being nude in front of others.
A: What better reason to go to a nude beach than to overcome your insecurities! Studies have found that people that can be nude in front of others have a better self-esteem and don’t suffer from body image issues like many others struggle with.