July 13, 2024

Black’s Beach Review – San Diego Nude Beach

Black's Beach

One of the largest nude beaches in the US, Black’s Beach in La Jolla, San Diego, California, it is also one of the most difficult to access.

Named after the Black’s family who owned a horse farm overlooking the beach, it is divided into two parts: the northern and the southern portion.

Black’s Beach Location

Black’s Beach is located next to the Univ. of California at San Diego (UCSD). It is found between the southern portion of Torrey Pines State Beach and to the northern end of the La Jolla Shores.

There are 4 ways to reach the beach: the Torrey Pines Gliderport Trail, the Salk Canyon Road in the Univ. of California San Diego, walking from the Torrey Pines Beach or from the La Jolla Shores.

The Gliderport Trail is the most popular way to get to the beach. It is located between the Salk Institute of Biological Studies and the Torrey Pines Gliderport. The well-maintained trail is in a 300-foot cliff, making it difficult for beach goers to carry a lot of heavy stuff with them. If you’re the type to bring many things to the beach, such as a chair, cooler, and other things, you might want to think again if Black’s Beach is a good fit for you.

This route can be dangerous as it sits right on the edge of the cliffs. Extra precaution is always recommended.

The Salk Canyon Road, which can be accessed from inside the Univ. of California San Diego campus, features a 0.5 mile paved road heading to the beach.

North and Southern Black’s Beach

The northern portion of the beach is operated by the state while the southern portion is operated by the city. The northern part of the beach is where the clothing-optional area is found and is delineated with clear signs and boundaries. The southern portion of the beach is famous with surfers as it features on of the strongest surf breaks in Southern California. Nudists are not allowed on this area of the beach.


There are no bathrooms or any other facility on the beach. Free parking is located on the dirt roads by the gliderport, where port-a-potties are also present.

There are a few lifeguards that patrol the beach and trash collection is non-existent – so pack out what you bring in!

Black’s Beach Etiquette

There are no hard rules for nudists here but common sense must always be applied. Of course, taking pictures of strangers is not allowed until you are given consent. Taking pictures of children who are not yours is also not allowed.

Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, as well as camping, glass beverage containers, and never wander outside of the designated clothing-optional area.

Since there is no trash collection here, it is expected that visitors take their trash with them when they leave, and they must respect the beach at all times.

Extra Precautions

The beach can be dangerous when sea cliffs rise to about 300 feet, so it’s best to check the tides before deciding to go the area. Lounging, sunbathing, or setting up picnics too close to the cliffs should be avoided since landslides can occur. Riptides and strong currents are also common, and visitors are always advised to pay extra precaution when swimming in the waters.

Since getting to the beach is far from easy, it is advisable that visitors only follow marked trails. Avoid making trails of your own since many have fallen prey to the cliff’s dangers.

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