June 6, 2024

Secret Beach Review – Kaua’i, Hawaii Nude Beach

Secret Beach, Kauai

Hawaii is full of secret spots and beaches with locations that are only whispered around locals. But one beach aptly called Secret Beach is not so secret, but remains virtually deserted due to the difficulty of actually getting there.

Secret Beach, or formally known as Kauapea Beach, is one of a few clothing-optional beaches located in Kauai, Hawaii. It’s vast and expansive, with scenic views that make it a true, undeveloped paradise.

Where is Secret Beach Located?

Secret Beach is actually not so secret. In fact, it’s quite popular with locals and tourists. However, there are no paved roads that lead to the beach, and there are no signs, too, so if you decide to drive to the location without doing some research, you probably won’t find it on your own. If you look for it online, though, directions are easily found.

The beach is located on Kauai’s north shore, famous for its world-class surf. The beach itself is turbulent with strong rip currents during winter, making swimming extremely dangerous. Though in the summer, the waters are a little calmer, but still not advisable for novice swimmer to explore.

Sometimes, small tide lagoons are formed, and they’re a great way to beat the summer heat. They form a kind of kiddie pool so they’re pretty safe and enjoyable for a little cool down after you bask in the sun all morning.

How to Get There

To reach the beach, you can go to the town of Kilauea. It is about a half mile northwest from town, between the Kalihiwai Valley and the Kilauea Lighthouse.

Again, there are no signs that lead to the beach, so you’d have to do some research before you actually head there. One way to find it is to take the Kuhio Highway after Kilauea, then you turn right to Kalihiwai Road. Drive straight for about 50 yards and turn right to an unpaved and unmarked road. Continue to drive to the end, and park your vehicle. Nearby, you’ll see a foot path to the west side, and this will start your trek to Secret Beach.

The foot path is actually an unmarked trail. It’s steep and sloping, and can be slippery especially during the rainy season. The ground is made of reddish clay, and can stick to your shoes and clothes. They’re very hard to get rid of and many opt to walk barefoot rather than having to clean their shoes. Most people also prefer to visit the beach during dry season since it’s safer and cleaner to get to the beach.

Important Things to Know

There are absolutely no facilities at the beach. There are no restrooms, no lifeguards, no shelter, and no concessionaires. You’d have to bring everything you ‘d need with you – towels, food and drinks, umbrellas, trash bags, and fresh water.

The beach itself is vast and large at 3000 feet long and 75 feet wide. The surface is fine sand with black lava outcrops. The view is spectacular with a cliff to the east, lush vegetation that surrounds, and the beautiful turquoise ocean directly in front of you.

Nude Section

Nudity is illegal at Hawaii’s STATE beaches, but simple non-sexual nudity is fine at any other beach. If you’re at a state beach, you will be asked to get dressed. Technically, the nude section of the beach is located on the far east end.

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