June 12, 2024

Samurai Beach Review – Australia Nude Beach

Samurai Beach

Australia is a beautiful country with thousands of attractions for visitors around the world. What people don’t realize is that Australia is also home to a few beautiful nude beaches. Many people may be shy at nude beaches because they are not sure how to feel comfortable, even though they like the idea of enjoying the sun and the beach without any clothes on. However, on this beautiful beach, you will find hidden nooks where you can relax and have no problems discarding your swimsuit.

Samurai Beach, Australia

When Beijing Olympics are done, you do not have to wait four years to watch them again, or even to participate in them – as here are held Olympics every year, but a little different species – Nude Olympics, which you can watch or participate in it every year in November on this beautiful Australian east coast.

It is located within the boundaries of Tomaree National Park. Unspoiled beach Samurai is one of the first legal nudist beaches in this region of the world. Even when there is not maintained the aforementioned Olympics, many sun lovers come here to enjoy or relax in the beautiful waters of the Pacific throughout the year.

Directions to Samurai Beach
If you do not have a jeep, you have to walk to reach this beautiful beach. Hiking and jeep trails pass through the eucalyptus forest that is the part of the National park Tomaree. After walking through the still open and scented woods, you will see the open sand dunes. Hundreds of meters away in the sea, spacious dune relief is waiting for you. Left into the woods is a large pond surface, covered with reed vegetation. It is just an interesting variety of landscape – forests, sandstone, bar, and immediately around the bend, the ocean.

Huge and spacious beach and big waves welcome you, and large rocky boulders close this beautiful bay. It is an extremely impressive landscape, something quite unexpected after all these woods and dunes. It simply takes the breath away with its large ocean waves that form the walls and the coast.

Activities and Fun Things to Do
Surfing is popular on Samurai Beach. Catch some great waves, and have fun!
We assume that the beach is named, (very unromantically, we might add), according to the 1980’s Jeep model Suzuki Samurai because it can only be reached with the vehicle with 4-wheel drive due to the deep sand!

Places to Stay
One of the best places where you can stay during your vacation on Samurai Beach is Samurai Beach Bungalows – Port Stephens YHA. It is located between tropical rainforest, surrounded by beautiful trees. The rooms have a TV, fridge, air conditioning, kitchenette, and shared or private balcony. The bungalows also offer a swimming pool.

The Port Stephens YHA is organizing the tours of watching dolphins and whales, diving or snorkeling. They are also offering bicycles if you want to go to the restaurants or shops which are 5km away from the hostel. Or you can go by bus which is outside the hostel.

So, don’t be shy and shed that bikini and board shorts… Enjoy the freedom of Samurai Beach!

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