July 15, 2024

Playalinda Beach – Florida Nude Beach

Playalinda Beach

On the Eastern coast of Florida lies an undeveloped stretch of sand where beachgoers hang it all out to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the freedom donning your birthday suit can bring. The name of this beach is Playalinda Beach, which means “beautiful beach” in Spanish, and the area certainly lives up to its name.

There are no establishments or any structures right on the beach, making its miles of pristine sand just that – pristine and beautiful.

Where is Playalinda Beach Located?

Playalinda Beach is located in Titusville, which is to the east of Orlando. The beach is located on a barrier island, at the southern end of the wilderness that is the Canaveral National Seashore. The beach is also located near the Kennedy Space Center.

Situated 12 miles east of Titusville, it boasts of 24 miles of undeveloped beach, with very little to no amenities.

Although it is famous for being a nude beach, the clothing-optional section is actually only a small and secluded area found on the southern end. The area is located north of parking lot 13, and nudists typically do not wander off from the area.

Nudity and Legalities

Technically, there is a ban on nudity at Playalinda Beach. However, this ban is rarely or erratically enforced, with a great tolerance for visitors who stay within the secluded area unofficially given to those who wish to enjoy the beach sans clothes.

On warm weekends, about 100 people visit the unofficial designated mile of sand for nudists. About 80% make up of men, with the rest of the 20% made up of women.

Park Fees

There is an entrance fee to enter the beach. If arriving by foot or bicycle, the daily fee is $3. When parking a car, the parking fee is $5, with an annual fee of $35.00.


There are 13 parking lots at the area, with the capacity to hold about 1000 vehicles. The section used by nudists is located north of parking lot 13, which is at the southern end of the property. There are restrooms in each parking lot but with no water, so a hand sanitizer would be handy.

There are no lifeguards on duty at any time, no food and drink concessionaires, and pets and glass containers are not allowed. Since there is no shelter on the beach, it is best that you bring your own chair, umbrella, or tent to create shade. A beach trolley would also be ideal since wooden dunes or ramps are located on each parking lot entrance. Visitors on wheelchairs are able to reach the beach through these wooden dunes.

Although there are garbage bins on the beach, it is ideal that visitors carry with them their own trash bags to keep the pristine beach clean.

Open from 6am to 6pm and 8pm on some days, Playalinda Beach is also a popular surf location in Florida. It is open to the public year round, but temporarily closed usually for a couple of days when preparations are need to be made for rocket launches at the Space Center.

The beach has also received accolades, and was named the “Quietest Beach” by TripAdvisor in 2013, as well as being one of 2015’s top 10 beaches in Florida by USA Today.

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