July 13, 2024

Lokrum Island Beach – Croatia Nude Beach

Lokrum Island Beach

Lokrum Island Beach is an island found near the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. This gorgeous beach is known to be the “Home of the Country’s Nudist Beaches” because of its large, open swimming opportunities. In fact, this beach is part of the Top 10 Best Nude Beaches in the World!

Lokrum Island Beach

Lokrum Island Beach is a good place for nature lovers who wanted to explore in a different way. It not only offers impeccable scenery, national parks and clear waters, but also it offers a different kind of swimming experience.

How to get to Lokrum Island

To get to the beautiful island of Lokrum, you need to fly first to Dubrovnik International Airport. You could book your ticket online, or have a travel agent arrange that for you. Ride a taxi or a bus going to the port of Dubrovnik. From the port, Lokrum Island Beach is just a 10-minute ferry ride. The moment that you arrive to the harbor point of Lokrum Island Beach, you still have to walk for about 5-10 minutes to get to the nudist beach. You don’t have to worry about getting lost because you are guided by clear signs.

The moment you reach the nudist beach, you need to immediately remove your clothes. Strict rules are applied. You can be sent out if failed to comply. There’s no room for being shy in any part of the beautiful country of Croatia because it is known to one of the most tolerant country for nudism. So you’d get to swim freely.
With its rocky texture, you get to heighten up your excitement.

Tons of adventures are waiting for you! Aside from skin dipping and sunbathing, you could go for snorkeling, kayaking, sight-seeing or dining in a restaurant. Lokrum Island Beach is also a good place to experience cliff diving because of its large rocky formation.

Lokrum Island Beach is known for its peculiar rocky formation, which makes it a perfect romantic getaway for couple who’s up for an adventure at the same time. Singles are also welcome in Lokrum Island Beach most especially if they find joy meeting new and gay people. You have an option whether you want to mingle and be with the crowd or have your own “me”-time. If you prefer to mingle and meet gay men, the gay area is located at the end part of the beach.

Local Accomodations
Lokrum Island Beach has its magnificent and miraculous history. No one is allowed to stay overnight or go camping. There are no available hotels in the island. So make sure that you have booked your accommodation in advance in the near town of Dubrovnik.

Lokrum Island Beach is only open for public during April to November of every year. The best time to go is during summer time of the year. It is because rainfalls are lease to be expected, water temperature is good and weather is warm. It makes it perfect for skinny dipping and sunbathing.

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