July 13, 2024

Larsen’s Beach – Kauai Nude Beach

Larsen's Beach

Secret beaches abound in Hawaii, especially on the island of Kauai. One of such is Larsen’s Beach, although not quite a secret, it’s invisible from any road, and access isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Larsen’s Beach is also known as Ka’aka’aniu Beach, located on the island’s northeastern shore. It is found between Waiakalua Beach and the Moolaa Bay. It was named after L. David Larsen, who was the former manager of the Brewer’s Kilauea Sugar Company established in the area.

How to Get to Larsen’s Beach

As mentioned, the beach is not the easiest to reach. There are no roads that lead to it, except for an unpaved path that can accommodate light vehicles.

The beach is located in Kilaauea, Kauai. From town, get on the Kuhio Highway, until you reach Koolau Road. After about 1.9 km, you will see an unpaved dirt road, turn here, where you will find a sugar cane road on the left side property. Right after this is a dirt road to the left, turn and after about 1 mile, you will see a narrow foot path going down the beach. You can park your vehicle here at your own risk.

The hike down will take you about 10 minutes and it’s filled with bushes, trees, and plants. The beach isn’t immediately visible, making it a little hard to find. During rainy season, this path can be dangerous making the most ideal time of the year to visit during the dry season.

Important Things to Know

There are absolutely no facilities on the beach whatsoever. Spending your time here is at your own risk. If something happens to you or if you need anything, you are left to your own devices.

The beach is separated by a large lava rock in the middle. Cutting the beach in half, there are two areas of the beach, one on the left and one on the right. There are coves and vistas and plenty of trees on the beach so shade, and having your own private spot is a luxury that can be afforded here.

Nudity Status

Simple, non-sexual nudity is OK! Feel free to don your birthday suit on this beach. This is why it is a popular beach destination for nudists and naturists. You can have a little cove to yourself without seeing another single soul on the beach ’cause you’ll be covered by the rocks and trees behind and beside you.

Activities at Larsen’s Beach

At 2 miles of coarse sand, there’s not much to do here except for sunbathing and maybe playing with your dog or outdoor sports such as frisbee. Swimming is not recommended due to the Pakala Channel, which is an opening in the reef where seashore water goes back into the ocean. Rip tides and currents are pretty dangerous in this area, and stories of drowning incidents are aplenty.

The ocean bottom of the beach is also shallow with pointy rocks and corals, so swimming is out of the agenda.

Remote and undeveloped, if you need some privacy and relaxation, you can bring your own hammock and tie them between trees for a quiet time on one of Hawaii’s most remote beaches. If you want to go full monty, then that won’t be a problem here at all. Of course, proper beach etiquette is to be followed at all times.

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