July 13, 2024

Collins Beach Review – Oregon Nude Beach

Collins Beach

Just north of Portland lies a mile-long beach with a clothing-optional section – Collins Beach. Located on Sauvie Island, which has a laid back, rural, and relaxed way of life, it is the perfect place for nudists and naturists who want to get some privacy and some wholesome outdoor fun.

Where is Collins Beach?

Collins Beach is located on Sauvie Island, about 23 miles north of Portland. Around the beach is a 12-acre fish and game reserve, and it’s connected to the North Unit Beach, which doesn’t have a clothing optional section. Although there are signs that lead to the nude area of Collins, there is no strict delineation between the two beaches, which has caused some private land owners and visitors to complain. It is important that nudists do not go out of the clothing-optional area of Collins Beach to avoid being reported to authorities.

The island is located on the Columbia River, which means the water on Collins Beach is moving.

How Can You Get to Collins Beach?

When leaving from Portland, head north and take Highway 30. Head straight to the town of Linnton, watch for a sign that says “Sauvie Island Bridge,” and turn right. Cross the bridge and look for Reeder Road. The road will get narrower and rougher, and once you reach the gravel part, you’ll find the “Entering Clothing-Optional Area” sign. Park on the left side of the road, and follow the foot trails to the beach.

There are 6 entrances, where you park on entrance 3. To be able to park, you’d need to get a parking pass from any Sauvie Island store. The pass costs $7 and it’s good for an entire day’s worth of parking.

What To Do at the Beach

The beach is sandy so there’s plenty of recreational activities and sports that you can do on the sand. Volleyball, frisbee, and football are fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy, as well as sunbathing and swimming in the river. You can also bring your dog as long as it is wearing a leash.

There are restrooms in the area but no actual shade on the beach. Bring your own chairs or umbrellas. As for food and drinks, it is advisable that you bring your own since there is only one restaurant on the island, which is located at the Island Cove RV Park.

During warm weekends, the beach can be packed with hundreds of visitors. About 75% of beachgoers go nude.

Despite being open from 4am to 10pm everyday, camping is not allowed. Open fires are also prohibited.

Nearby attractions that can be hiked include the Warrior Rock Lighthouse and the UFO Boat, which was built by a local in the 70s.

Proper Nude Beach Etiquette at Collins Beach

Like all nude beaches, gawking and staring are not allowed. The beach, however, is close to the North Unit Beach, and if you happen to find yourself wandering off in the direction, it’s best that you go back to the clothing-optional area of Collins immediately.

Taking pictures of nude beachgoers is not allowed unless they give you proper consent, which is a rare occurrence, so better leave your camera where it should be – your house, your bag, or on your own self.

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