July 12, 2024

Club Orient Review – St. Martin / St. Maarten

Club Orient Review

Saint Martin or St. Maarten is known to be “The Friendly Island by Excellence”. Saint Martin offers calm nights; captivating scenery; and unique tropical feelings that make you feel relaxed. Club Orient is a fantastic clothing-optional beach that you must visit.

The island’s picturesque makes you want to escape from the reality of life. The vibrant scenery is evidenced by red, orange and yellow trees, blue-green sea waters and powdery sands.

Saint Martin is located along coastal line that is why it has many beaches in it.

About Club Orient

There are over 36 fine beaches in Saint Martin. Out of the 36, Club Orient is the most unusual of all because it is only the clothing-optional beach in Saint Martin. Club Orient was awarded as the Top 13 out of 25 best beaches in the Caribbean by the Trip Advisor.

Club Orient is a genuine clothing-optional beach. When you are in Club Orient, you get to enjoy everything while practicing nudism. There is a good set of activities for nudists. When you are up for some adventure, you can go for diving, snorkeling, water-skiing, wakeboarding, and other water sports activities.

If you just want to relax and calm your body down, you could go for a beach massage. You could dine in together with the other nudists at their very own Papagayo which serves international cuisines that would satisfy your cravings.

While Club Orient is a genuine clothing-optional beach and is open for all nudists, there are instances where you cannot help but see peeping toms who stare at you. Usually these peeping toms are cruise ship passengers who come to the clothed section of Club Orient. What you can always do is to ignore them.

How to get to Club Orient
You must not leave Saint Martin without dropping by the Club Orient! There are three ways to get to Club Orient. If you go by plane, which is the first way, you have to book your tickets online or from your travel agents.

Remember that there are two airports in Saint Martin. One is an international airport (Princess Juliana International Airport – SXM), while the other is a regional airport (Grand-Case Regional Airport – CCE).

The second way is to go by ferry which enters to the Simpson Bay Lagoon. The third option is to go by taxi or bus. Taxis never go by meter. There is a fixed rate for it. The bus has no fixed schedule but they have designated bus stopovers where you can wait.

The best time to go to Saint Martin is from May to June. These are the times when accommodation prices are at its best. The weather is also lovely during this season. Remember that June is the start of their storm season. Therefore, it is most likely to rain very hard.

The second best time to go to Saint Martin is during winter, which is from November to middle of December. Weather is pleasant and cool.

You could also avail of good accommodation packages. One piece of advice is that you should make your travel itineraries and bookings in advance so you will save time looking for accommodations and activities to enjoy.

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